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I've taken essentially all undergraduate/graduate PMATH courses at Waterloo. Be sure to check the "random scraps" section at the bottom if you can't find the desired course. If you're wondering who taught a Waterloo course and I was sloppy enough to omit it from the notes, see here. If a course is not listed, feel free to contact me at the address below; I may have some other notes lying around:

adex7ehaiyimocxunpaq (at) gmail (dot) com (remove all vowels from first segment Y IS NOT A VOWEL)

Waterloo course notes (BMath/PMATH+CO)

* Some diagrams in the "Greek geometrical constructions" section are missing.
** Many diagrams missing.

Waterloo course notes (MMath/PMATH)

  • [W15] PMATH 763, Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (Spiro's offering; see here and here)
  • [W15] PMATH 810, Banach Algebras and Operator Theory (Nico's offering; see also here)
    • Some nice notes on C*-algebras etc.
  • [F14] PMATH 940, Topics in Number Theory: p-adic Analysis (Cam's offering; incomplete; see here instead)
  • [F14] PMATH 945, Topics in Algebra: Arithmetic Dynamics (Jason's offering; incomplete)
  • [F14] PMATH 950, Topics in Analysis: Non-Selfadjoint Operator Algebras (Ken's offering; incomplete)
  • [W15] PMATH 965, Topics in Geometry: Kähler–Einstein Metrics on Compact Kähler Manifolds (Reza's offering)

Waterloo course notes (why is this guy still here)

  • [W16] PMATH 965, Topics in Geometry: Gauge Theory (Benoit's offering)
  • [W16] ECE whatever

Montreal course notes (PhD/MATH)

  • [F16] MAST 865, Dynamical Systems
  • [F16] MATH 580, Partial Differential Equations
  • [F16] Abelian Functions and Theta Functions (may appear eventually; see here although they seem to be outdated)
  • [W17] Teichmüller Theory and Moduli of Riemann Surfaces (may appear eventually)
  • [W17] MATH 599, Introduction to Mathematical General Relativity
  • [W17] MAT 6340, Special Topics in Topology and Geometry: Symplectic Topology
    • Contains material on e.g. the h-principle, J-holomorphic curves, Gromov compactness, quantum cohomology
    • You're probably better off reading Audin–Lafontaine or McDuff–Salamon
  • [S17] Sherbrooke School on Algebraic and Geometric Structures (may appear eventually)

Random scraps from Waterloo courses

Incomplete/abandoned notes.
  • [F11] AMATH 250, Introduction to Differential Equations
  • [F12] CO 330, Combinatorial Enumeration (rough and incomplete)
  • [F11] CO 355, Mathematical Optimization
  • [W14] CO 367, Nonlinear Optimization
  • [W14] CO 434, Combinatorial Designs
  • [S12] CS 341, Algorithms 1 (discontinued; too annoying to typeset)
  • [W12] CS 365, Models of Computation
  • [S11] PMATH 345, Polynomials, Rings and Finite Fields (use notes above instead)
  • [W12] PMATH 365, Differential Geometry 1
  • [F12] PMATH 433/733, Model Theory and Set Theory
  • [W12] PMATH 444/644, Noncommutative Algebra/Module Theory
  • [W14] PMATH 446/646, Commutative Algebra (see here for W15 offering)
  • [S13] PMATH 450/650, Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Analysis
  • [W13] PMATH 467/667, Algebraic Topology
  • [W14] PMATH 467/667, Algebraic Topology
  • [W13] PMATH 499, Spectral Theory of Operators
  • [W13] PMATH 800, Topics in Real and Complex Analysis: Measure-Theoretic Probability Theory
  • [W14] PMATH 800, Topics in Real and Complex Analysis: Riemann Surfaces
  • [W12] PMATH 900, Topics in Algebra: Special Algebraic Structures
  • [F13] QIC 820, Theory of Quantum Information
  • [F13] PMATH 955, Topics in Geometry: Advanced Algebraic Geometry


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